There are a number of factors that drive our peoples’ sense of well-being and therefore their sense of engagement in the workplace. Among the most significant are feeling recognized and valued for work performed, receiving fair pay, and developing skills and knowledge that will facilitate employability for a lifelong career. We work to address these factors through performance feedback, development programs and education opportunities, and through the wages and benefits we provide.

At AA Mining we recognize and reward people for good work and for the contributions they make to the organization. Offers awards to recognize excellence in specific areas that are directly aligned with our priorities. Moreover, the Company promotes Visible Felt Leadership as a way to provide our people with ongoing feedback, coaching, and recognition. We understand that fair and proper recognition drives engagement and strengthens our culture.

At sites, supervisors and non-management individuals participate in a similar performance review process for professional and skilled personnel. People in work crews at our operations have regular assessments driven by key performance indicators, often in a team format. Each of these performance review scenarios provides an opportunity for people at all levels both to be recognized for good performance and to set goals to help improve performance.