Muhammad Farukh Alvi CEO / Director AA Mining PVT LTD

Muhammad Farukh Alvi


Muhammad Farukh Alvi is the Founder and CEO of AAMINING PVT LTD Pakistan and The Right Connection Labuan Limited (Malaysia), with over 24 years of professional experience in Project Management, Business Analysis, and Strategic Planning/Partnerships.

As the Founder and CEO of AAMINING PVT LTD since 2018, Farukh focuses on exploring gemstones, placer gold, copper, dimension stone, and minerals trading in Pakistan. He actively participates in various industry organizations and committees, advocating for the gemstone and mining sectors.

In addition to his executive role, Farukh holds positions in various industry organizations and committees, including:

  • Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Gemstone Minerals And Mining Association.
  • Executive Committee Member FPCCI (Year 2024-2025).
  • Member of the Advisory Council for Gems And Jewellery Sector Federal Minister (MOIP).
  • Board Member Tariq Sharif Smart City Gujar Khan.
  • Core Committee Member responsible for the execution of the Gems and Jewellery Show 2024 (TDAP).
  • Former Chairman of PGMA (Year 2019-2020).
  • Former Executive Committee Member at FPCCI (Year 2020).
  • Former Deputy Convener of FPCCI Standing Committee for Gemstone and Jewellery (Year 2022-2023).
  • Former Convener of the Standing Committee at FPCCI for Precious Metals Mining (Year 2020).


Nouman Ahmed Khan


Nouman Ahmed Khan, as the founder and Director of AA Mining, brings with him a wealth of experience spanning over 22 years across diverse industries including Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, and Mining. His expertise encompasses Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations, reflecting a deep understanding of multifaceted business dynamics. With a proven track record of navigating through various sectors, Nouman’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping the success and growth of AA Mining. His dedication, vision, and astute business acumen continue to drive the company towards new heights of achievement and excellence