We have a mission to create sustainable value for all of our stakeholders, from our shareholders to our employees to the people in the communities where we operate. We are also committed to provide professional services to all our clients.

Pakistan’s mineral sector is almost unexplored as compare to the immense potential it possesses. It is one of the most mineral rich country in the world. We welcome Joint Ventures & Partnerships from local and foreign Companies to explore this huge untapped business opportunity in Pakistan

As we look to the future, we at AA Mining believe that we can only thrive when we act with responsibility, transparency and accountability toward our local communities. To create sustainable, enduring value, we must devote ourselves to protecting the health, welfare and socio-economic development of our people and their communities. We must continually remediate and reclaim the lands that we have disturbed. Overall, we must ensure that we leave local ecosystems – and local economies – better off than they were.

Muhammad Farukh Alvi