What We Do

We are mining company as well as professional services provider and consultant covering all aspects regarding mining industry like prospecting, exploration, mining and operations till mine closure. We assure efficiency, growth and sustainability in our operations. Mining is a resource-intensive business that supplies the minerals essential to power our economy and fulfill our present and future needs. Requirement for all resources esp. energy, land and water is rapidly increasing day by day. A growing population of the world and increasing consumption levels has created more competition for these resources, particularly in the developing countries like Pakistan that have much of the world’s future mineral reserves. More than ever before, it is essential for mining companies to assure our stakeholders that we will manage the resources needed to sustain our business in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner, while also creating shared value with the communities that host our operations.Creating shared value is fundamental to building and maintaining the community relationships necessary to ensure responsible mining is sustainable.


We Welcome Joint Ventures or Partnerships with local and foreign investors/companies for prospecting, exploration, development, mining and exploitation of minerals in Pakistan.


Health & SAFETY

Our aim is to generate a culture of zero harm and a workplace free of injuries and occupational health issues


Our goal is to create positive impacts and to leave the places that we operate better than we found them.

Waste Management

Throughout the mine life-cycle we reclaim land and ecosystems that have been disturbed…


In Pakistan Province Gilgit Baltistan, KPK & Baluchistan are areas with rich mineral resources….