Our goal is to create positive impacts and to leave the places that we operate better than we found them. Mining impacts the physical environment, including the land and other important resources that we share with others.  We, our partners, our people, host governments, communities, shareholders, and civil society expect that we will manage and minimize any negative impacts our operations may have on the environment. We hold the same expectations.  This is a fundamental responsibility of any company operating in the 21st century.

AA Mining is committed to minimizing and mitigating our potential impacts on the environment, and where negative consequences do occur, to implement appropriate reclamation and remediation measures



For us access to water is critical during every stage of the mine lifecycle. Each site has different water needs and challenges, so our site-specific water management programs are based on extensive field data and monitoring, along with state-of-the-art modeling.

To responsibly manage our water use, much of the water used in our operations is disposed-off properly.


We understand that ensuring good air quality in and around our operations is critical to the health and safety of our employees and local communities. Each of our sites has monitoring and inspection programs in place to ensure the air our employees and neighbors breathe meets all air quality requirements.



In any construction or mining activity, explosives are used to break rock. Safety procedures and controls are in place at our operations related to storage, transportation, handling, and use of explosive materials.